Save on Diesel Fuel at 10 New Locations in NY, NJ, MD

August 14, 2022

Fuelrite, with over 210 locations to save on diesel fuel, welcomes ten new sites in New York, New Jersey, and Maryland. Find locations where you save along your routes Locations Page. Since 1995, our customers enjoy cost-plus pricing, online controls and reporting 24/7, and NO FEES!




BOLLA SUNOCO   497 Meeker Avenue  24/7/365   1-718-389-2729 

I-278 East Exit 33. Left at traffic light. Site on right.


I-278 West Exit 34. 1/4 mile straight on Meeker. On right. Straight truck access only, C-Store.



FUEL ONE   869 US-1 South   24/7/365   1-732-726-9500

Route 1 & 9 South, Tractor Trailer Accessible, C-Store.



FUEL ONE   690 US-1 North   24/7/365   1-732-572-4411

Route 1 & 9 North, Tractor Trailer Accessible, C-Store.


BOLLA SUNOCO   1400 McCarter Hwy   24/7/365  1-973-563-5274

Coming Early 2023: I-280 Exit 15 to Route 21 North. Site is 3/4 mile on right. Tractor Trailer Accessible, C-Store.


GLOBAL   700 Rt 73   24/7/365   1-856-786-2345

Route 73 North/West. 1 mile from the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge to Philadelphia. Split highway but access to/from all directions at junction for New River Road next to site. Tractor Trailer Accessible, Convenience Store.


FUEL ONE   1307 Rt 22 West  24/7/365   1-908-859-5100

I-78 Exit 3 to Route 22 West. DEF at Pump. Tractor Trailer Accessible.


FUEL ONE   1312 Rt 22 East  24/7/365   1-917-453-6486

I-78 Exit 3 to Route 22 East. DEF at Pump. Tractor Trailer Accessible.

S. Plainfield

FUEL ONE   318 Durham Ave.  24/7/365   1-917-453-6486

I-287 North Exit 4. Right on Durham Avenue. Site on left.
I-287 South Exit 5. Left on Stelton Road. 1/4 mile to right on Hamilton Boulevard. 1 mile to end. Right on Durham. Site is 1/2 mile on right. Tractor Trailer Accessible.


OASIS MARKET BP   55 Rt 15 North  24/7/365  1-732-762-5302

I-80 East Exit 34 to Route 15 North.
I-80 West Exit 34B to Route 15 North. Station is in the center median. Tractor accessible but is tight.



XTRAMART 7300 Washington Blvd.   24/7/365   1-410-796-3166

I-95 Exit 43A to Route 100 East. Proceed 1/2 mile to Exit 6A to Route 1, Washington Blvd towards Laurel. Site is 1/4 mile on right on corner after traffic light. Access from Route 1 or Route 103, Meadowridge Road. Straight truck access only, C-Store.