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In order to provide you with an accurate assessment of your expected savings, we’ll need to know more about your travel patterns. The discounts (your savings) with Fuelrite’s cost plus wholesale-based pricing system will vary each day and at each location based on the current wholesale and retail market conditions. Collectively, our customers save many millions of dollars each year.  

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Fees ruin your savings

Why, How & When You Will Save

Fuelrite’s cost plus wholesale-based pricing is unique in its ability to produce significant savings off of the retail pump price of fuel. Most fuel cards offer you savings off of the retail credit price – which you know is the highest price per gallon of fuel. Fuelrite constructs your price from the bottom up. Fuelrite’s affiliates have agreed to sell us fuel at a fixed rate over wholesale. We add a few cents for ourselves and arrive at a sell price for our customers. Fuelrite customers save the difference between their wholesale-based sell price from Fuelrite and the posted retail cash pump price set by the location. These savings are far more meaningful than cents off the retail price.

Market conditions will impact your level of savings. In a falling oil market as the wholesale price is dropping, the retail pump price is slow to fall. In these periods the savings with Fuelrite will be greater. Conversely, when the wholesale price of fuel is rising quickly and the retail pump price is slow to follow, savings can tighten-up. This lean level of savings will only be temporary until the market stabilizes. Overall, the average annual savings will be significant.

The savings under retail is also a function of the retail pump prices at the stations that you use. If the retail price at the location is high, the savings will be greater. This allows you to access sites that you’ve avoided for being high priced. We’ll bring the price at those sites down to a competitive level. If the retail pump price is highly aggressive, the savings can be lean. In the final analysis, it’s not always what you save per gallon — it’s what you pay per gallon. Receiving $0.45 off of a retail price that’s always $0.80 higher than the market puts you at a disadvantage. You want to pay the lowest possible price. Bottom line, you will pay less with Fuelrite.