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For the greatest savings, fleets that operate regionally should find the best regional soluton for fuel. In the Greater Northeast, no one offers you more diesel fuel locations with wholesale based pricing for the greatest savings than Fuelrite. And there are no fees.

Use our card exclusively or use it as a secondary card to save where you can. If used as a secondary card, we can mirror your current PIN numbers, Vehicle Numbers, etc. We can provide you with electronic transaction data files so that you can load our transactions in with your others into your in-house fuel management system with ease.

Whether you have fuel on site or miss fleet fuel, Fuelrite is an excellent regional fueling option.

At the online account management site, Fuelrite customers can view transactions real time and see how each card is being used: who, what, when, where, and how much. With our online card controls, you can set up or delete drivers, add or change driver hardstops including authorized fuel types, maximum gallons per day/week/month, dollar limit per day/week/month, and more.

A Fuelrite customer can manage their fleet and fuel expenses 24/7/365. All card transactions are captured in real time including station location, Driver ID, fuel grade, sales tax, and more. These are available as automated reports or to download to CSV, text, or utility file.

You can view and print current and historical invoices and fleet reports. You can create, view, and print a variety of usage reports by account, drivers, or vehicle. You can confim credit limits and remaining credit balances. (As you near your account credit limit, Fuelrite will call you to resolve the issue so your drivers are not stranded at the pump).

Fuelrite can provide customers with dozens of standard reports that itemize all purchase related activity. Customized reports can also be created. (Example: If you provide fuel to owner-operators, we will create individualized reports). Reports can be transmitted by fax or email on a schedule you choose and will be posted at the Online Account Management site. All reports are provided at no cost to our customers.

Transactional data can be provided in an electronic file format to download into your fuel management software.

Your savings with Fuelrite Wholesale Based Price program will be clearly itemized on all invoices. Your savings with Fuelrite’s Wholesale Based Pricing Program will vary each day and at each location based on the current wholesale and retail market conditions. Fuelrite customers save the difference between their wholesale-based price from Fuelrite and the posted retail cash pump price set by the location. These savings are far more meaningful than cents off the retail price.

Your savings will not be diluted by seemingly endless fees, because Fuelrite does not charge any fees.

Our customers save millions of dollars each year.

If you choose the Fuelrite Fixed Savings program. the savings are pre-established and fixed. They do not reflect market conditions as does our Wholesale Based Price program, but you will always know your savings in advance.

Fuelrite’s affiliates have agreed to sell us fuel at a fixed rate over their wholesale costs in order to attract more volume. We add a few cents for ourselves and arrive at a sell price for our customers that will always be under the retail price. In exchange, we promote these locations to our customers.

Various payment terms are available. With Fuelrite’s Wholesale Based Pricing program, payments can be made through our automated payment process or generated by you. Just ask about these options when you speak with a Fuelrite Account Manager. If you choose the Fuelrite Fixed Savings program, your terms will be pre-established with a weekly billing and next day ACH payment.

Yes. They can see, hear, or get directions on their mobile phone. Aerial view of each location, including amenities, is provided. Drivers can bookmark our locations, so they can find any location with one click.

Correct. There are no fees. Other fuel cards may charge account set up fees, monthly card fees, transaction fees. They even may charge you to speak with customer service. Fees increase the cost of your fuel.

Enrollment is very easy. It should take no longer than 1-2 weeks. Reach out to us via our contact form and we will call you to answer your questions and gather the information we need to get you started. To speak with an Account Manager, please call 1-888-909-9398, Press 1 for Sales. To apply online, click here.

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