No Other Fuel Card
Has a Better Offering.

Available at the vast majority of the fueling locations, Cost-Plus Pricing is based on the wholesale rack cost of diesel fuel plus a minimal mark-up. Savings below retail are significant.

There are No Transaction Fees with the Fuelrite Discount Fuel Card System. There are No Fees whatsoever.

There is never a charge for new or replacement fuel cards. Many other fuel cards charge Service & Handling Fees.

Fuelrite’s Fleet Management System provides detailed usage reports by Driver and/or Vehicle.

Hard-Stop controls and other security features can be placed on the authorized fuel types, hours of the day, days of the week, transactions per day, dollars per day/week/month. Specific sites can also be blocked. Only Valid PIN Numbers or Vehicle Numbers can authorize a transaction.

Fueling data can be provided by electronic files.

An electronic payment process can eliminate the need to print, sign and mail checks. Invoices and reports can also be sent via email and/or fax.

There are No Set-Up Fees and No Associations that you must join. There are No Fees whatsoever.

There are No Minimum Usage requirements with Fuelrite.

The Fuelrite System is Free-of-Charge. All you pay is a Discounted Fuel Price.

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“Fuelrite had been calling us for years but we never took the time to hear them out. We were throwing away thousands of dollars in savings every month.”

“To have discounts without fees sounded too good to be true. Fuelrite has lived up to their promises and exceeded our expectations”

“The Hard-Stop Controls ensure our peace-of-mind.”

“New truck stops are added almost every month. They've even added sites to meet our needs.”

“With fuel prices so high and competition so fierce, we've got to save money wherever we can.”

“We were reluctant to add another fuel card, but Fuelrite's automated system has made it easy.”

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