All the controls you need

Online Account Management

Manage fleets and fuel expenses 24/7/365. With our card controls, you can set up drivers and turn cards on and off. All card transactions are captured including station location, Driver ID, fuel grade, sales tax, and more. These are available for you as automated reports or download to CSV, text, or utility file.
Truck Fleet Management reporting
From any PC or mobile phone

You're in Control


At the online account management site, view how each card is being used: who, when, where, and how much.  The card can be programmed universally or to specific drivers(s), vehicle, or card.

Per-driver/PIN or per-vehicle controls include:

  • Fuel Types and/or Grades
  • Fueling Hours and Days
  • Unauthorizes Fueling Sites
  • Number of Transactions Per Day
  • Number of Gallons Per Transaction
  • Dollar Limit per Day, Week, Month
  • Personal Identification Number (PIN)

You can also delete a driver PIN – rendering any card useless.

You can prevent fraud and misuse by customizing your card controls.


View transactions in real-time, access management reports that itemize purchases, fuel taxes, fueling information and more.

Turnkey or customized report – including individualized reports if you provide fuel to owner-operators – can be transmitted by fax or email on the schedule you choose.

Transactional data can also be provided in an electronic file format to download into your fuel management software. Fuelrite purchases can be seamlessly integrated with any national fuel card purchases.

As you near your credit limit, Fuelrite will call you to resolve the issue, so your drives are not stranded at the pump.