Program Specifics

Fuelrite offers a fuel card system that provides our customers with an opportunity to purchase all fuel types and grades at a meaningful discount, while providing critical security and reporting features at no cost.

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If you require any further information, please contact the Fuelrite Sales Department by calling 1-888-909-9398, visiting our Contact Us page, or by sending an email to .

Security and Controls
– No more unauthorized purchases

Fuelrite Security Features can be programmed universally - or you may choose to restrict certain drivers, vehicles or cards. Per-driver or per-vehicle restrictions can include:

  • Valid Fuel Types and/or Grades
  • Valid Fueling Hours and Days
  • Authorized or Unauthorized Fueling Sites
  • Number of Transactions Per Day
  • Number of Gallons Per Transaction
  • Dollar Limit Per Day
  • Dollar Limit Per Week
  • Dollar Limit Per Month

Personal Identification Number (Optional)

In addition to pre-programmed card restrictions, a driver PIN-entry can authorize or decline a transaction based on additional limitations that you have established for that Driver; Personal Accountability. A driver PIN can be deleted within seconds of your fax/email - rendering any card useless without a valid PIN-number entry.Driver Accountability is further enhanced through Signed Purchase Receipts. Vehicle Number entries can be used much the same as a Driver PIN if you have chosen Driver Based Cards.

Whether you place strict limitations on some drivers - while leaving others without, Fuelrites' reporting capabilities allow you to document the drivers' fueling history and behavior.

– Keep track of every penny that's spent

The Fuelrite System provides comprehensive, accurate invoicing and management reporting that itemize purchases and fuel taxes while keeping a variety of other fueling information concisely organized. The reports are extremely thorough and easy to read. They can be sent to multiple recipients via fax, e-mail or U.S. Mail.

Transactional data can also be provided in an electronic file format to download into your fuel management software. Fuelrite purchases can be seamlessly integrated with any national fuel card purchases.

If you provide fuel to owner-operators, individualized fuel reports can detail their purchases and related fuel taxes. These reports can be transmitted by fax or email on your desired schedule, and used to reconcile their weekly settlements.

Fuel Card Types
– Custom built for you

Unlike most other fuel cards, Fuelrite offers a variety of card types. Customize your cards to suit your specific needs and preferences.

  • Driver Cards
  • Vehicle Cards
  • Preferred Station Card (Eliminates the need for drivers to carry a card)

Available Prompts for all Card Types:

  • Driver PIN Number (you choose)
  • Vehicle Number
  • Odometer
  • Job, Route or Misc. Number

Authorization Features and "Hard Stops" (Per Driver or Vehicle):

  • Valid Fuel Types and Grades
  • Valid Fueling Days of the Week and Times of the Day
  • Valid Fueling Sites
  • Number of Transactions Per Day
  • Number of Gallons Per Transaction
  • Dollar Limit Per Day
  • Dollar Limit Per Week
  • Dollar Limit Per Month
Terms and Discounts
– Save money on all fuel types and grades

Payment terms and billing frequency will vary. Terms will be determined based on your credit needs and a credit review. Invoices are available via Fax, E-mail or USPS. Electronic payment processing is preferred. For information on the options available to you for terms and discounts based on your individual needs, please call the Fuelrite Sales Department at 1-888-909-9398, or visit our Contact Us page, or email to .

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“Fuelrite had been calling us for years but we never took the time to hear them out. We were throwing away thousands of dollars in savings every month.”

“To have discounts without fees sounded too good to be true. Fuelrite has lived up to their promises and exceeded our expectations”

“The Hard-Stop Controls ensure our peace-of-mind.”

“New truck stops are added almost every month. They've even added sites to meet our needs.”

“With fuel prices so high and competition so fierce, we've got to save money wherever we can.”

“We were reluctant to add another fuel card, but Fuelrite's automated system has made it easy.”

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