Frequently Asked

What is Fuelrite?
Fuelrite is a fuel card that offers meaningful savings/discounts off of the retail pump price of fuel. There are No Fees, and No Associations to Join: Free. Fuelrite has highly effective security features, and we provide comprehensive reports that detail all of your purchases and taxes.
What's the catch?
No catch. The only condition to receive your discount is to pay within Terms.
How does Fuelrite make money?
Fuelrite pools our millions of gallons in volume to secure the best possible pricing. We pass on the vast majority of the savings to our customers while retaining a few cents to run our business.
What will I see on my Invoices and Fleet Reports?
Quite Simply - Everything! View Reports - Click Here
How often will I be invoiced?
We typically invoice weekly or twice monthly. Invoices can be sent via email, fax or hard copy.
I already use a "National" fuel card. Why should I use Fuelrite?
Fuelrite provides meaningful savings with no transaction fees! Fuelrite transactions can be downloaded into your existing transportation software, seamlessly integrating Fuelrite purchases with your other fuel purchases.
I don't want my drivers to carry a card, can I still use Fuelrite?
Yes. Tell Fuelrite which of our locations you would like to use, and we will install a "Preferred Station Card" at those sites for you. This would act like an electronic house account but with all the discounts, security, and reports available through Fuelrite.
Can I use Fuelrite at any station?
No. Fuelrite is accepted at our network of affiliated commercial fueling locations and truck stops. For a list of our locations, Click Here.
How secure is the Fuelrite System?
You determine the specific levels of security and Fuelrite will enforce them for you. These limitations can include valid fuel types & grades, fueling hours & days, authorized fueling sites, authorized driver PIN’s or truck numbers. Hard Stops will protect unauthorized or excessive use of the card: They include limits on the number of transactions per day, the number of gallons per transaction, and the dollar limit per day/week/month.
I lease my trucks, can I still use Fuelrite?
Absolutely. Most leasing companies only require that you periodically communicate mileage information to them. You are not contractually obligated to buy fuel from them. Fuelrite’s reports capture the required information to satisfy your leasing company.
I use Owner-Operators. How can I offer them the savings?
Fuelrite would establish a Master Account for your business. A variety of Driver Specific "Hard Stops" would be established to limit their purchases. Weekly fuel reports for each Owner Operator would detail their purchases and taxes. These reports would be transmitted to you electronically, printed and used as their Invoice for their "Weekly Deduction From Compensation For Fuel". You can elect to pass on all of the savings - or keep a portion for your administration responsibilities. They can also be referred to us to set-up their own account, independent of you.
Is the Fuelrite Card good for gas also?
That's up to you. Your Fuelrite cards can be programmed to allow for gasoline and/or lubricants at your discretion. We can even limit some cards to only 87-octane. These limitations are customized by card, driver or vehicle.
Can I use Fuelrite as a secondary or back-up system?
Yes. Whether you have on-site storage, a local house account or fleet-fill, Fuelrite can provide a viable alternative when you need to fuel elsewhere. Fuelrite has no minimums and is free of charge.
O.K. - I'm interested, what's the next step?
Email or Call us Toll Free at 1-888-909-9398. An Account Manager will answer all of your questions and walk you through the process. Enrollment includes the completion of an Account Application as well as Driver and Vehicle Information Forms. For most accounts, the entire application process should take no longer than a half-hour or so for you to complete.
Once my account is approved, what’s involved in rolling this out to the drivers?
It’s easy to implement the Fuelrite System. Fuelrite will provide each of your drivers (or vehicles) with a complete package that will include the card, detailed instructions and site listings. All you will need to do is hand them out – and encourage them to use it whenever convenient and possible to Save You Money.
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“Fuelrite had been calling us for years but we never took the time to hear them out. We were throwing away thousands of dollars in savings every month.”

“To have discounts without fees sounded too good to be true. Fuelrite has lived up to their promises and exceeded our expectations”

“The Hard-Stop Controls ensure our peace-of-mind.”

“New truck stops are added almost every month. They've even added sites to meet our needs.”

“With fuel prices so high and competition so fierce, we've got to save money wherever we can.”

“We were reluctant to add another fuel card, but Fuelrite's automated system has made it easy.”

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