We Know Fuel -
and We Know the Industry


Fuelrite LLC has been in the fuel card business since the mid 1990’s, and in the wholesale fuel business for many decades. We know fuel - and we know the industry.

We offer a fuel card system that provides our customers with an opportunity to purchase all fuel types and grades at a meaningful discount, while providing critical security and reporting features at no cost.

Fuelrite is serving 1000’s of companies East of the Mississippi. Our current network stretches from Bangor, ME to Chicago to Atlanta – and is constantly expanding. Customers range from one truck owner-operators to large national fleets.

Collectively, Fuelrite has saved its’ customers millions of dollars compared to traditional fuel card systems. Our goal is to provide the same services and benefits to your business.

Retail Partnering Opportunities

The Fuelrite Network is always expanding. We want to add new truck stops and fueling stations where our customers need them. As a Fuelrite affiliate, you will enjoy incremental gallons and additional product sales that you would not have otherwise received.

Our Point-of-Sale Systems run smoothly and there is no equipment for you to buy or lease. Our accounting, reporting and compensation arrangements will be customized to fit your needs. Payments are Guaranteed and On-Time.

We market to all of the fleets in your region. We do not over-populate areas with competing affiliates, and we will agree not to encroach on your current house accounts.

- Increase your fuel volume and store sales through a participation with
  the Fuelrite Card.

- Give us a call at 1-888-909-9398 or E-mail us through our Contact Us Form.

General Information

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“Fuelrite had been calling us for years but we never took the time to hear them out. We were throwing away thousands of dollars in savings every month.”

“To have discounts without fees sounded too good to be true. Fuelrite has lived up to their promises and exceeded our expectations”

“The Hard-Stop Controls ensure our peace-of-mind.”

“New truck stops are added almost every month. They've even added sites to meet our needs.”

“With fuel prices so high and competition so fierce, we've got to save money wherever we can.”

“We were reluctant to add another fuel card, but Fuelrite's automated system has made it easy.”

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